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I bought the Ezy Pzy Websites ebook and followed the excellent advice provided by Nicole Coughlin-Smith.  I'm thoroughly impressed with the results.  At the beginning of the year, I had finished writing my parenting ebook Raising Smarter Babies.  Although it is an absolute "must-read" for parents with babies from newborns to 3 years of age, I had no idea of how to spread this critically beneficial message of "early education" around the world as I knew absolutely nothing about web design, internet marketing or how to sell my ebook online. 

I saw a newspaper article about the huge success of the Ezy Pzy Websites ebook and immediately bought it.  Within a week, I had my own website http://www.educatingbabies.com up and running, earning me money and spreading the message.  The Ezy Pzy Websites ebook even taught me how to fully automate the sales process so all I have to do each day is answer a handful of emails -- that's it!  I have now set up Joint Partner programs and have websites around the world selling my Raising Smarter Babies ebook on my behalf.  Thanks to the Ezy Pzy Websites ebook, I now have a successful website with worldwide sales. My first financial goal was to make $100,000 in 12 months but already I think I may need to increase this goal.  The success of my Raising Smarter Babies ebook is due to the excellent advice contained in Nicole's Ezy Pzy Websites ebook.  I have no hesitation in recommending her great ebook to anyone looking to produce a superior website!

Susan Butler
Co-Author of Raising Smarter Babies

"This is great!  I wanted you guys to know that your online websites builder software has literally saved me thousands of dollars.  I'm constantly getting comments from visitors saying how good my site looks.  I never tell them that all I did was point and click!  And best of all, sales are rolling in and money just turns up in my bank account!  Thanks so much for your great website builder (i guess it's a bit like cheating, but why do things the hard way!)."
~Ed Orchard


"This website builder software is fantastic.  Between the step by step instructions to walk me through the whole process, and your online marketing resources which has so much information, you can't go wrong! Thank you for helping us to make a website so easily and so professionally."
~James and Jen


"I enlisted Nicole Coughlin-Smith, EzyPzy Websites, to design my logo, letterhead, business cards and develop a website for my business Infinity Coaching. My first contact with Nicole was by phone. After our discussion Nicole made some designs for my logo. I had been working with another company in Maroochydore and we had not been able to find a design that I thought was Infinity Coaching. Nicole arrived on my door step with designs in hand and they were exactly ‘Infinity Coaching’. She had interpreted the information I had given her and myself and created a logo I was absolutely and instantly at ease with.

She continued her creative pursuits and delivered every time. Nicole was always professional but so approachable. She spoke in plain English which made me feel capable of working with my own website.

Nicole’s strengths are her connection she builds with clients. She loves what she does and that passion filters to her clients. She has become a friend as well as my web designer.  She has the ability to make ‘IT’ speak easy to understand and doesn't’t use jargon that baffles a mere mortal like me.

I am excited to have the chance to write a testimonial for Nicole Coughlin-Smith and her book, EzyPzy Websites. She is intuitive, creative and professional but beyond that she is a thoughtful, caring person who has a passion for web design and people. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Nicole and call her a friend.

I wish her every success she deserves.

Donna M Stephens
Managing Director
Infinity Coaching

"Nicole is to be admired for her passion and commitment to women in business. I remember Nicole saying to me on the first day we met that she wanted women's life to be easier, not harder, particularly those that were "at home mum's." Many people have goals but just don't know what direction to go in or how to realise their dreams. Her passion was a website that kept women informed, and in touch, an on-line magazine. However as time went on and she managed her design business and on line business Nicole then found her niche. Tirelessly being a slave to her client's and ultimately her computer in her frustration amongst unpaid client accounts and surmounting bills Nicole saw a distinct gap in the market for a Website that women or anyone else at that, could market themselves on line for as little as $50. She ultimately realised her dream a way for women to be able to take charge of their home lives and seek financial independence and most importantly allow Nicole the creative and financial freedom that she wanted.

Congratulations Nicole although we always correspond via email I am so happy to have seen Ezy-Pzy websites and The Global Goddess come together for you. You of all people deserve this and others will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work to derive EzyPzy Websites."

Wendy Powell
Passionate Pilate's Instructor
Hibiscus Blue

"Both Kathleen and I have been very impressed with Nicole's work. Our website design is clear and loved by many. I couldn't recommend Nicole's direct honest approach more highly. Thanks nicole! 

Kean Buckley
Be Yourself


"I have recommended EzyPzy Websites to anyone wanting to start a new business online. Our new website really boosted the professional image of our business".

Mark Anyon

"Ezy-Pzy Websites is a great all-in-one book. People new to online business should be grateful for all the hours they are saving. I wish the book was available when I our company first wanted a website. The book is packed with resources, mainly free, to help the novice succeed with a website. I also recommend visiting www.logoworld.com.au for a business logo. There is a huge samples of logos to choose from. If you want to get online fast then www.ezy-pzy.com is the site you should visit to purchase EzyPzy Websites."

Shane Howell

I was referred to Logoworld and Award Branding by a friend of mine, who told me that they are “really good”. Well, that was a very true remark. I have had my website designed by
Logoworld and Award Branding, and I am very pleased with it. The system they work with is very user-friendly and great value for money. The work was done swiftly and with eye for detail. My questions were answered promptly, and communication was easy. Exactly the way I like it. Good stuff! Now it's all in a book, well done!

Marc de Bruin

When I was looking for someone to design my logo, business cards and website, Nicole was the person recommended to me. She is a "one-stop shop". I took a package deal which was excellent value for money. Nicole designed my logo, business cards, brochure and website. I've had so many great comments re the logo, the colours and design for my cards and website e.g. very striking / sophisticated / stands out from the crowd. Nicole is very personable, easy to work with, efficient and gets the job done. I can highly recommend her and her new book EzyPzy Websites. Well done Nicole!

Georgina Mackenzie

Some of Award Branding's' Clients are:

Dick Johnson Group
- V8 Home Mortgages - Australia

The Corporate Group - Australia, Los Angeles, New Zealand
- Includes: Auspac
- Global Super Concepts
- Guard Doc
- Jacques Noble
- MCI Associates
- Meridian Chartered Bank
- Princeton Group
- Standard Capital Insurance

Business Directories Australia Pty Ltd & EsearchIT - Australia

Discount Holiday Resorts.com.au - Australia

Yellow Pages Pty Ltd - Australia

Cat-A-Foil - Australia

Nerds ‘R’ Us - Australia

The Investigator Pty Ltd - Australia

Izak Music Group Pty Ltd - Melbourne

Bizlick Media Pty Ltd - Melbourne

Jabiru Constructions Pty Ltd - Melbourne

Pace Entertainment Pty Ltd - Sydney

All Options Finance - Sunshine Coast

Elektric Blue Girls - Sunshine Coast

Online Direct - Sunshine Coast

Rolling Rock Nightclub - Noosa

The Men's Room - Brisbane

Ambrosias Interior Decorators - Sunshine Coast

Aussie Digg-IT - Sunshine Coast

Coastal Turf & Soil Pty Ltd - Sunshine Coast

Mitch Butler Carpentry Pty Ltd - Sunshine Coast


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