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An Australian businesswoman is taking the website world by storm and receiving massive international attention, with the launch of a new book designed to help individuals easily create their own Website and Online Business.

<Sunshine Coast>, <Qld>, <28.10.7>

Nicole Coughlin-Smith, who began her successful online business www.theglobalgoddess.com from a garage in Coolum, Queensland, has just launched “EzyPzy Websites” – a book designed to help other budding entrepreneurs, and “mumpreneurs” to build a website business for less than $50. Since being launched in August, “EzyPzy Websites” has gained rapid online exposure and Nicole is now taking orders from around the world.

“The internet has opened many opportunities for women, especially for women who would normally be at home looking after their family,” Nicole said.

“Many women are setting up on-line businesses in an effort to make money from home while at the same time filling washing machines and changing nappies and the countless other chores that take up their time.”

Nicole has gained her knowledge from a degree in multi-images studies in graphic design as well as from numerous courses and trial and error in web design. Part of her business focus is to help women start their own online business. She found most people knew they would need a website but considered that a professionally designed website would be far too costly.

“After a great deal of research “EzyPzy Websites” was developed,” Nicole said. “EzyPzy Websites” is an all-in-one book that provides the tools to help a novice build a website without having any technical knowledge.  It’s designed to help anyone, regardless of how much or how little they know about the internet.”

Nicole’s book can be downloaded from www.ezy-pzy.com. “EzyPzy Websites” has been a huge success,” Nicole said. “The book enables the set-up of a website simply and affordably, with books on making it easy for people to find your website when searching the internet. It helps to understand how to get visitors to your site and set up accounts to accept payments for sales of products and services. It allows you to be in full control. You can make changes at anytime of the day or night. The book shows you how to set up your website easily and quickly and, for less than $50.

"I really wanted to start making money from my own business and not have to work for somebody else. Working for a boss made me insecure about my future finances” said Nicole. ”I taught myself everything I could about the set-up of an online business. I wanted to pay as little as I could and keep my start-up costs low. I used what money was left over from grocery shopping to begin the business. I learnt the basics of web design and created my own website, then found every affordable method for increasing my sales. Everything I have learnt I have shared on www.theglobalgoddess.com and have included in my book “EzyPzy Websites”.

After just a few months Nicole has been overwhelmed with orders and is doubling her orders every month. She still manages to pick up and drop off her children from school while organising orders to the USA, Europe and other parts of the world.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Mumpreneur. There will be many more online business success stories to come in the not too distant future.

ABOUT <EzyPzy Websites> - “EzyPzy Websites” can be purchased from www.ezy-pzy.com and www.theglobalgoddess.com. It is available in print and as a digital download. The book shows how to set up a website for under $50.  It outlines ways to make money and how to get traffic to your website/s and then increase sales. The Digital Download retails for $37 and the Printed Book retails for $47.

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