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Digital Download Affiliate program!

Our Affiliate Program Pays
40.00% on Level 1 of Every Sale!

We believe in our product. And we give our members who believe in our product a chance to earn alongside us. We feel so strongly in the benefit of customer referrals, we'll give you 40% for each EzyPzy Book you sell.

Here's how to get started!

EzyPzy Websites sells for $37.00 USD. For every sale you refer to us, we will pay you 40.00% on Level1
(less processing fess.)*

(Please note, it does not matter how our customers pay us for you to get paid. You do not have to have an account with the merchants listed above ( PAYPAL ) to participate. All you do is promote our service with your custom affiliate link and we will pay you all your commissions via: PAYPAL .

EzyPzy Websites uses PayDotCom.com to manage our affiliate program. We will provide you with great tools to sell our product easily. We also provide you ways to track your hits, sales, campaigns, and commissions. All you need is a free PayDotCom.com affiliate account ID. PayDotCom.com will even credit you for sales even if your buyer does not buy on the first day. So even if they come back years later, you still get paid. We always pay the last affiliate who referred the customer to us.

Why such a high commission rate?
We pay
40.00% on Level 1 because we want to have as many people as we can promote our product. That way the word can get out to the most amount of people.

Who pays me?
We will pay you all your commissions via: PAYPAL.

When do I get paid?
Once a month ends it is closed. We will pay you all your commissions due between the 15th - 30th of the following month. We may pay sooner, but you can expect your commissions to come every 30 days.

How do I promote?
Once you become an affiliate you get your own "Affiliate Website" to promote.  All you do is promote the unique URL that we give you. Then you can advertise it using your website, banners, your own opt-in list, etc... When people come here you get paid a whopping
40.00% on Level 1 commission on the sale of every EzyPzy Websites!

Access our Affiliate Members Area

Joining our affiliate program is easy and it wont cost you a thing. It's free to sign up with no registration fees.

Don't have a PayDotCom.com account?

If you do not have an account with PayDotCom.com then Join Now to create a free account!

Then just go to the next step below to access our affiliate members area to start earning income now.

Already have a PayDotCom.com account?

If you are already a PayDotCom member then you can get your affiliate link with the generator below:

To get your WebTrafficMarketing affiliate link enter your PayDotCom username below and click the "Generate Link" button.

Your PayDotCom username:

Below is your affiliate URL: Just advertise this link and you will earn 55% commissions plus bonus when you make a sale. Commissions are automatically tracked by PayDotCom to ensuring proper credit for the deserving reseller. Checks are sent every two weeks.

OOr you could create your link with these steps!

You can log onto PayDotCom account anytime to see how many sales you have made. After that just sit back and every two weeks you get PayPaled automatically. Easy as that!

Banner Ads

If you need a custom banner to fit your website let us know!

Email Newsletter

You may use our pre-written email ad to sendin to your opt in list. Feel free to edit or change the ad anyway you think to improve sales.
Subject: [FIRST_NAME], Finally!! Professional websites for under $50.

All this for only a one-time fee of $37.00!

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