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Anyone can Build a Website!

Make money selling products
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Using the "EzyPzy Websites" book is one of the
simplest & most affordable ways to Build a Professional
Website to sell products and make money from.

Learn ways to generate traffic
and promote your website.

“The book enables the set-up of a website simply & affordably, with guides on making it easy for people to find your website when searching the internet. It helps to understand how to get visitors to your site & set up accounts to accept payments for sales of products & services. It allows you to be in full control. Make changes at anytime of the day or night.

"EzyPzy Websites" book has all the nitty-gritty stuff that I've learned from over 15 years of graphic design, website building and online experience.  Save your time and money and avoid the frustration of not knowing what your doing. 

Do you have an idea for an
online business?

Not sure how to set it up on
the internet or make it successful?

EzyPzy Websites Book is excellent if you:

You’re just a tiny step away from learning how to build
one (or many) professional website's on your own with
what you will learn from "EzyPzy Websites".

Nicole Coughlin-Smith
Author - EzyPzy Websites

Everyone has the opportunity to reach a mass audience!

”This is without doubt, the quickest, easiest, cheapest and most professional way I have found to setting up a website.

I remember what it was like starting out and my business was expanding.
I had to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. Many of my clients wanted website's that they could use to sell products online. After countless hours of research I discovered the least expensive methods of setting up websites that were able to accept online payments, generate traffic and achieve high rankings in various search engines. EzyPzy Websites book was designed to help people avoid unnecessary time and expense. It's a simple, straight forward and easy to understand manual for setting up an online business or hobby website".

Saves' you Time and Money
Maintain complete control of your website.

Update your website anytime, 24/7

Do I have to know html coding?

It is not necessary to know any html coding or even what it is. All the hard work is done for you. Simply type in your text and upload your pictures/images/graphics. How long does it take to build a website? You can have your website built within a day & within the hour for simple sites.

"EzyPzy Websites" book is not just there for business owners, it's for anyone who wants to create a website but doesnt know where to start. "EzyPzy Websites" book will show you how. Avoid expensive ineffective software and the high design and production costs of traditional website creators. Enjoy your own creativity without confusing and often hard to understand HTML coding.

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"EzyPzy Online Marketing"
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This is what you will LEARN with the
EzyPzy Websites Book.

1. How to Design, Build, & Publish your very own Website

2. What the Internet is and its benefits.

3. What a Domain Name is and how to register it.

4. What Spiders and Robots are and how they work.

5. Setting-Up Email Accounts

6. How Organise And Develop Your Website And Content

7. Plan your Layout, Content, Design and Graphics

8. Design & Structure - Types of Pages used in a Website

9. Using Testimonials to Increase Sales

10. How to use Google Adsense

11. What Products and Services should you sell.

12. Why Digital Products are the Best Products to Market.

13. How to create your own E-Book

14. Affiliate Marketing explained

15. How to Sell other People’s Products

16. Using 3rd parties to Sell your Products

17. How to automate your website

18. Capturing Email Addresses for List creation

19. Auto-Responders and what they are

20. How to Accept Payments on your Website

21. Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

22. What is Paypal?

23. Keywords & why are they important

24. How to Find Relevant Keywords

25. What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

26. Why use Search Engines and Directories?

27. establishing a Google Page Rank?

28. Why Link Exchanges and Backlinks are so important.

29. Sourcing quality links

30. How to Submit to Search Engines & Directories

31. Why Write and Submit an Articles

32. How to Submit to Social Book-Marking Sites

33. Why Visit Forums and use Links in your Signature

34. Free Methods for Increasing Traffic?

35. How to Market Your Website Online

36. What are Press Releases & Press Release Services?

37. How to Marketing Your Website Offline

38. Using Blogs To Increase Your Traffic

39. How to Use and Submit RSS Feeds

40. Ezine And Email Strategy For Your Website

41. Joint Ventures and their opportunities

42. Ways of Tracking your Visitors Movements

This is what you will LEARN with the
EzyPzy Online Marketing Book.


Chapter 1 - Build Your List

Chapter 2 - Submit Articles

Chapter 3 - Signature Block

Chapter 4 - Free Reports

Chapter 5 - Payment Processors

Chapter 6 - Surveys

Chapter 7 - Squeeze Pages

Chapter 8 - Free Giveaways

Chapter 9 - Classifieds and Safelists

Chapter 10 - Affiliate Program

Chapter 11 - Reciprocal Linking

Chapter 12 - Bonus Section

Get your OWN website with
"EzyPzy Websites"
for only $37
(instant download) or paperback book $47.
Plus FREE "EzyPzy Online Marketing"
for a limited time only.

SAVE $37

If you are considering building a website for your home or business but want to avoid the hassle of learning HTML, wasting time, frustration and unnecessary expense. Using the "EzyPzy Websites" is the answer. Build the website you want, the way you want, when you want. Reduce your costs and increase your sales instantly by setting up a website. Extend your business reach from a local level to a national or even an international level.

If you are serious about having an internet business,
"EzyPzy Websites" can show you how.

Even someone with no technical skills whatsoever can create a website. You can easily change the title of every page of your website. You can upload text and images on each of the pages, and decide what the layout should be using the content management tools in your control panel. This allows you to create a professional website tailored exactly to suit your needs.

There are many templates for you to choose from. The superior content management tools and software allow you to build & create your own unique website.

Save money & time with easy to understand instructions

Why create your own website?

In today’s business climate all businesses can benefit from having a website. Many people in fact no longer use a telephone book when they wish to find information on a business or service. It is more likely that they will type keywords into a search engine like Google. Having a website to compete successfully is imperative. Creating your own website is about creative control and increasing your bottom line.  

If you know absolutely nothing about website building, that’s okay!

Of course web designers and graphic designers are very good at creating website's, but obviously they must charge accordingly. It can be very expensive using someone to create a website for you, paying for their “creative ideas”. Deciding to create your own website with "EzyPzy Websites" will save you money and give you control of your website's content and represent your company in the best way possible.

"...It was So Much Easier Than
I thought it would be"


(I)Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book, "EzyPzy Websites." It's full of great resources as well as easy to understand instructions. That fact that anyone can build their own website and have full control over it,is extremely empowering. Well done!

Fatima Bacot

Everyone can create a website.  "EzyPzy Websites" is not just for business owners.  Many people who use their computers at home would like to create a website but don’t know how or think it will be too expensive. They may understand a few of the basics of website design after reading a book or a magazine article, but web design is not their strong point or of major interest. They don’t really want to invest money in expensive software or time trying to learn the hard way.

If it’s just a hobby they will certainly not want to pay a high priced web design company to create a website for them. A simple and effective way to do the job efficiently, utilizing their own creativity is by investing in the "EzyPzy Websites".


Build your website the way you want, when
you want, the easy and smart way.

If you’ve always wanted to create a website, but thought it would be too difficult or too expensive the "EzyPzy Websites" will prove you wrong!

There’ no HTML or any other coding involved. You’re in complete control with your choice of web design.

If you know absolutely nothing about website building, that’s okay!

Website building has never been this simple or exciting. When you create a website with the "EzyPzy Websites" book, you can modify your web design as you please.
When you’re happy with the results of your web design, you can upload your website with one click of the mouse. Within seconds your web design creation will be available for viewing to anyone in the world!

You can edit your website at any time. Keep editing until you’re satisfied with your results.
Your new website will look professional and of high quality. You won’t be able to believe that you created such a professional-looking website for under $50.

Invest in "EzyPzy Websites"
& Put Yourself
on the Fast Track to Online Business Success!

So what are you waiting for, order Now

"EzyPzy Websites"
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(instant download) or paperback book $47.
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SAVE $37


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To Your Success!

Nicole Coughlin-Smith

P. S.  Remember that this price can not last forever.

P.P.S. You will not find all the information needed to have a fully automated website, recognized by google, at such great value and all in the one place.

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