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WSP provided a resume of the effects of A350 dualling between Warminster and the M4. This scheme has been examined as a consequence of the route being identified as an alternative between M4 and the south coast to the A36/A46. The principal effect of dualling of the A350 was to attract traffic of less suitable routes within the West Wiltshire Region on to the A350 but had had negligible impacts on the A36/A46. DCC expressed concern that the improvements had no impact on the A350 south of Warminster. DCC, and GOES to review the measures south of Warminster in a separate meeting.

WSP indicated that this option was not one to proceed with for the rest of the study since it has no supportable impacts on strategic routing to the south coast or in attracting traffic from the A36/A46. WSP confirmed to Friends of the Earth that the measures had not included any induced traffic. Get Best Page rank with SEO consultant The strategic work in the study area sought to address matters relating to through traffic on the A36 and A46.

The options would open up opportunities for Bath City. B&NES were interested in what level of reduction is needed to make London Road improved in terms of air quality. GOSW indicated that this was a matter for B&NES to be advising the Steering Group on the basis of the traffic results provided by WSP. WSP indicated to Friends of the Earth that they would not be quantifying reductions in air quality through any measurement work. There were some local issues in respect to Highways Agency improvement works which needed to be incorporated to the work. GOSW advised that WCC have appraised the CPRE scheme.

The scheme would be submitted as a do-minimum for the WCC LTP scheme and it was anticipated that the WCC scheme would still be progressed as a submission to planning application. WSP presented the work undertaken local demand management measures in and around Bath. The following issues were related to the Steering Group. It was estimated that over 50% of the 86,000 trips identified as a rail catchment market would be trips to or from the City of Bath. Of the 3684 trips anticipated to transfer from car to rail as a consequence of the rail improvements 2,652 trips will have either an origin or destination within Bath. Park and Ride. Park and ride capacities and, extensions and usage were examined.

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