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It achieved a responserate of 21% (330 cases), although the extent to which this constituted a representativesample might have been affected by a greater propensity of those involved in a dispute torespond.The English House Condition Survey 2001 asked 592 landlords how oftenthey found it necessary to make a deduction or retain all of the deposit at the end of atenancy.Although there is no data available, a common complaint from landlords is that tenantssometimes withhold the last months rent in lieu of the deposit.

This strategy can defeatany attempt by the landlord to recover costs that might be legitimately charged against thedeposit, such as damage to the property.On the other hand, very many landlords allow, oreven encourage, tenants with whom they have had a good relationship to withhold theirlast months rent.Peoples perceptions are obviously subject to their position as tenant or landlord, and it isimpossible to establish a true bottom line figure for the number of deposits that anindependent adjudicator might judge to be unreasonably withheld.

However, it is worth noting that the perceived problem of landlords unfairly withholdingdeposit is significant, and almost certainly contributes to the common incidence of tenantsnot paying their last months rent.For example, a tenant who believes that their landlord has beenreluctant to effect repairs promptly, Google Places Services or habitually entered the property without givingnotice, may well be unconvinced that the deposit will be fairly returned.These are all problems which could be rectified by a consistent, professional andtransparent approach to the sector by all landlords, agents and tenants.

Although a national scheme to protect tenancy deposits cannotprovide a cure for wrongs suffered by landlords that exceed the value of the deposit, it canplay a valuable role in promoting and disseminating good practice.Information about schemes inother countries, particularly in mainland Europe, is welcomed from consultees.However, if thelandlord does not comply with the tenants written request to provide such proof or returnthe deposit, the tenant must take the case to court.Landlords are not allowed to hold deposits; rather, tenants depositthree months rent in a blocked bank account which is in the tenants name but controlledby both landlord and tenant.

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Internet Exchange, the UK’s largest chain of high street internet stores, is now able to offer free IT Training to Small and Medium Sized companies with up to 225 employees. (SMEs) in the Bristol area thanks to funding from the Learning and Skills Council West of England and the European Social Fund. The project aims to develop the use of IT in the workplace, to meet the needs of both employers and individuals, and to improve business competitiveness as a result.

Participating SMEs will also learn about the potential of the Information Society and the value of the internet as a business tool for access to information and knowledge. Internet Marketing Services SMEs who are public service suppliers will also be able to maintain existing contracts by learning about the e-procurement legislation relating to local authorities.

The free training courses covered by the scheme include everything from an introduction to the internet to training in major software packages such as Outlook. Registration for training can be undertaken in two Internet Exchange training centres in Bristol, at the Internet Exchange store at 23-25 Queens Road, BS8 and the Bristol Life store, 27-29 Baldwin Road, BS1.

At both locations a full initial training needs analysis will be conducted, then training can be undertaken within the Internet Exchange stores or in the workplace where technically possible. Each ONE can receive 50 hours of free training, to be apportioned among its employees.

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WSP provided a resume of the effects of A350 dualling between Warminster and the M4. This scheme has been examined as a consequence of the route being identified as an alternative between M4 and the south coast to the A36/A46. The principal effect of dualling of the A350 was to attract traffic of less suitable routes within the West Wiltshire Region on to the A350 but had had negligible impacts on the A36/A46. DCC expressed concern that the improvements had no impact on the A350 south of Warminster. DCC, and GOES to review the measures south of Warminster in a separate meeting.

WSP indicated that this option was not one to proceed with for the rest of the study since it has no supportable impacts on strategic routing to the south coast or in attracting traffic from the A36/A46. WSP confirmed to Friends of the Earth that the measures had not included any induced traffic. Get Best Page rank with SEO consultant The strategic work in the study area sought to address matters relating to through traffic on the A36 and A46.

The options would open up opportunities for Bath City. B&NES were interested in what level of reduction is needed to make London Road improved in terms of air quality. GOSW indicated that this was a matter for B&NES to be advising the Steering Group on the basis of the traffic results provided by WSP. WSP indicated to Friends of the Earth that they would not be quantifying reductions in air quality through any measurement work. There were some local issues in respect to Highways Agency improvement works which needed to be incorporated to the work. GOSW advised that WCC have appraised the CPRE scheme.

The scheme would be submitted as a do-minimum for the WCC LTP scheme and it was anticipated that the WCC scheme would still be progressed as a submission to planning application. WSP presented the work undertaken local demand management measures in and around Bath. The following issues were related to the Steering Group. It was estimated that over 50% of the 86,000 trips identified as a rail catchment market would be trips to or from the City of Bath. Of the 3684 trips anticipated to transfer from car to rail as a consequence of the rail improvements 2,652 trips will have either an origin or destination within Bath. Park and Ride. Park and ride capacities and, extensions and usage were examined.

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imagesFiona Cruickshank, Women into the Network (WIN) – Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 and winner of the Journalís Tyneside Small Business Award, tells us what it took for her to take the plunge and cross the line between being employed and starting up a business. Fiona will share her beliefs and what has contributed to her business success ñ action, attitude and people! In the last five years Fiona has experienced year on year growth and has now committed to expansion in another business venture.

The session will look at the courage it takes to break from tradition, taken on the multi nationals and carve a place in a growth market by daring to make a stand. Governance Works, a Newcastle upon Tyne based company, will hold its second governance conference in September. This seminar is for anyone who needs to manage a range of communication tools across the board, or those wanting some tips on how marketing can work alongside other communications activity in a joinedup and creative way.

Participation in Governance is a unique conference for board members and staff, from the notfor-profit sector, to explore ways to improve participation in governance Social Media Marketing Services The conference programme is designed to give board members and staff a series of opportunities to participate in workshops, debates and hear the latest thinking on participation in governance. Delegates will explore how to create integrated communications campaigns, incorporating marketing (both external and on-site), media relations, web, stakeholder advocacy and internal staff communications.

Catherine Holden, Director of Marketing and Development at the National Museums of Scotland will lead the workshop. Catherine was, until recently, Head of Communications at the Natural History Museum and from there she will share case studies from major exhibition campaigns and the successful launch of the first phase of the museumís new Darwin Centre.

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